Questions To Ask Your Potential Lawyer

      Questions to ask your potential lawyer
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      Deciding on a lawyer can be an extremely difficult and oftentimes daunting task. How do you know what to ask, and who will best fit your legal needs? Before you decide on a lawyer to handle your case, you want to have a list of questions to discuss during your free or low-cost consultation.

      Below are nine questions to ask your potential attorney before making your choice.

      1. What is your education, work experience and practice areas?

      2. How long have you practiced law in the State of Florida?

      3. Have you won any awards or other industry recognition?

      4. Have you ever been sanctioned for, or accused of, attorney misconduct?5. Can you provide me with reviews and references from former clients and other attorneys familiar with your work?

      6. What is your plan for my case?7. How long do you estimate this case will take?

      8. What is my role and responsibilities?

      9. What are the fees and expenses?

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