Drug Trafficking Mandatory Minimums

Drug Trafficking Mandatory Minimums

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When it comes to drug trafficking charges, a person does not have to actually sell a drug in order to break Florida’s drug trafficking laws. Different drugs carry a different minimum mandatory prison sentence based on the weight of the drug. For example, possession of 1 gram or more of LSD can result in a >1 but less than 5 gram Trafficking in LSD charge.

Minimum mandatory prison sentences do not usually receive “gain time,” or a reduction in prison time for inmates who display satisfactory behavior , educational attainment or participate in other incentive programs. Cases involving drug trafficking charges, however, are entitled to gain time. This is because the court in Mastay v. McDonough, Florida Department of Corrections, 928 So. 2d 512 (Fla. 1st DCA 2006)held that drug trafficking charges are eligible for gain time, just  not discretionary release.

Drug trafficking offenses are taken very seriously, with mandatory minimum sentences that range from 3 years to 25 years in prison. If you are arrested for trafficking, it is crucial to contact an experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney to represent and defend you in court.

The chart below shows the minimum mandatory sentences for trafficking in various drugs:

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