Orange County, FL Deputy Arrested on Serious Criminal Charges Linked to Carjacking and Homocide

Orange County, FL Deputy Arrested on Serious Criminal Charges Linked to Carjacking and Homocide

Orange County, FL Deputy Arrested on Serious Criminal Charges Linked to Carjacking and Homocide 150 150 Leppard Law - Top Rated Orlando DUI Lawyers & Criminal Attorneys in Orlando

Orange County Deputy Arrested on Serious Criminal Charges

Francisco Estrella, a 33-year-old Orange County sheriff’s deputy, is off the job and facing a long list of charges in Seminole County linked to a carjacking and suspected homicide in Winter Springs.

The victim, Katherine Aguasvivas, was allegedly kidnapped during the carjacking last Thursday. Her car was later found burning with a body inside, leading investigators to believe she may be dead.

In a shocking twist, Deputy Estrella allegedly called one of the investigators, identifying himself as Aguasvivas’ cousin and asking for details about the case. He also reportedly sent photos and a secret recording of his conversation with the detective to Aguasvivas’ husband, Miguel.

“The act of sending these items to someone actively being sought for an interview and believed to be involved in the original crime clearly shows that Estrella had intent to obstruct this investigation, as there is no reasonable explanation for his actions,” the arrest affidavit states.

Estrella now faces charges of interception of wire or electronic communication, disclosure of confidential criminal justice information, unlawful use of a two-way communication device, and unauthorized access of computer or electronic devices.

According to Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma, the victim’s brother and husband had reached out to Estrella’s wife, a mutual childhood friend, asking her to find out information about the detective on the case.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has placed Estrella on leave without pay pending the outcome of the criminal and internal investigations. Sheriff John Mina called the allegations “very serious,” stating that misuse of power by any law enforcement officer is “completely unacceptable.”

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